Felipe Lopez Fires Boras: Good News for the Cards?


Felipe Lopez is one of the most intriguing free agents left on the market. He provides any team with a lift offensively and versatility in the field. St. Louis seemed like the perfect spot for Lopez earlier in the offseason. Various sources believed he would sign with the Cardinals. Then, talks cooled. Lopez wasn’t getting any offers and as Spring Training kicks off, he remains without a team.

Today, he fired his agent, Scott Boras. He is frustrated that he is still unsigned. Boras is the super-agent of baseball, often getting big money for his clients. He orchestrated the Matt Holliday deal earlier this offseason, getting him a seven-year deal worth $120 million that comes with a full no-trade clause. For his other clients, the offseason hasn’t been so nice. Johnny Damon left the World Champion Yankees because Boras promised more money. It hasn’t gone as planned. The Yankees offered Damon two years, $14 million, and a chance at another ring. Boras wanted more and the Yankees said no. Now, Damon is getting offers for $7 million or less, and the Tigers and Braves aren’t exactly the Yankees. Damon should probably follow Lopez’s example and crawl back to New York begging for a roster spot.

In Lopez’s case, Boras likely asked for too much and foiled fair deals with various interested clubs. Now, Lopez should find a home quickly. According to Jayson Stark, the Cardinals are still the favorites and may be the only team in the race. With Boras out of the picture, St. Louis may be able to get a deal done early in Spring Training.

It may not be long until Flip is taking BP in Jupiter.