Fan Profile Friday: Robert


The St. Louis Cardinals fans are often described as the best of the game. Each city has its claim to be the best for different reasons. Cards fans are unique. They are not obnoxious like New Yorkers or as crazy as those Philly phanatics. But they are some of the most mature and informed fans the game has to offer. It is a unique quality in the intense sports world. St. Louis is viewed as a classy fan base that loves the game more than anything.

So, what makes the Red Sea so special? Here at Redbird Rants, I am starting a new series of fan profiles to outline the personal experiences of Cards fans everywhere. The news is always reporting on players and trades. The fans never get any recognition despite their dedication and passion. With these fan profiles I hope to give the fans some face time, and add a personal element to the site. After all, we already know as much as we can about Albert Pujols. The fans, though, are unique. They can share special experiences that we can all relate to. So, without further ado, here’s the first ever Red Sea Fan Profile!

Meet Robert. He is a die-hard Cards fan that loves baseball. He loves the Redbirds so much, that he created his own website, St Louis Redbirds, to share with the rest of Redbird Nation. The brand-new site features Cardinals e-books, a forum for fan discussion, a spot to share fan photos from the game, and a Fan to Fan ticket feature allowing you to submit ticket ads free. These features are certainly worth a look as Robert put a lot of time into the site. Follow him on his Facebook fan page. Now, let’s meet Robert, the fan.

Name: Robert

First Cards Memory: My first memory was going with my dad to a Cards game when I was a young boy. It was a great time with my dad, I don’t even know who won.

All-Time Favorite Player: Albert Pujols, he is a tremendous player, and his career is just getting into full swing. He is going to set a lot of records that will be hard to break.

Favorite Memory: Sitting in the commissioner’s box during the ’09 season. They were the best seats that I’ve ever had at any game, and it was a blast touring the dugout.

Funny Moment at the Ballpark: My wife heckling Khalil Greene.

Why Cardinals fans are the best: They are a very conscientious group of fans. They know their baseball, and are just great!

Key to this season: Pitching, they need a solid bullpen, the offense should be amazing should everyone stay healthy.

2010 Prediction: We’re going to take the World Series of course!