DeRosa Shows Versatility, Remains Hitless


If there’s one thing the Cards’ infield has this year, it’s versatility.  Thurston, Brendan Ryan, and Barden (when he was up) can play 2B, SS, 3B.  DeRosa sticks with that trend, and though he was brought in as the 3B, he’s played every position at least 20 games except for catcher and center field.  However, I think we’ve seen in these last three games that he may not be that “spark” in the lineup that will transform the Cards from a good team to a playoff-bound team.

In both the spots before and after Pujols, DeRosa has started going 1-9 with one walk.  During his versatile career, he has batted in all 9 spots in the order, although his cleanup start was only his 4th there during his career.   Derosa hits under the Mendoza line when he bats 3rd (.100) and 4th (.192).  His best spots are 6th, and when adjusted for a full season, his stats would project to be .291, 96 R, 85 RBI, 15 HR, and hitting second, he would be .269, 100 R, 86 RBI, 20 HR, pretty similar, his additional productivity being mostly due to the proximity of the better hitters in the lineup.  I think in St. Louis he belongs in one of these two spots.  Against lefties, he should be 2nd with Colby sitting.  Against righties I like him 6th, with Pujols, Ludwick, and Ankiel hitting ahead of him and Molina behind him.  Either way, this guy does NOT belong in the cleanup role.  He’s got a bit of pop, but he needs to be where he can accomplish the most but not trying to be over-utilized by putting him in the 4-5 spots.