Bird Bits


First off, I’d be remiss to not point out a debate going on over at Viva El Birdos this morning.  houstoncardinal, one of the regular posters at VEB has sparked some heated conversation on the subject of Cardinal prospect Colby Rasmus.  He claims that it would benefit the team to call up the youngster and play him in the outfield everyday in place of Skip Schumaker.  I think it’s an asinine idea, but rather than hash out why again, I’ll let you read my comments, as well as many others, here. There’s nothing like a baseball debate, and if nothing else, the author did get me in the mood for some baseball today.

Next, check out the odds of who’s going to win the National League Wild Card in an article in the Post Dispatch from Joe Strauss.  I still like our chances.

And finally, for those like me that were wondering if we’d see the “B team” out there today for Tony La Russa, here’s the Cardinals’ starting lineup:

  1.  Skip Schumaker  CF
  2.  Ryan Ludwick  RF
  3.  Albert Pujols  1B
  4.  Rick Ankiel  LF
  5.  Troy Glaus  3B
  6.  Adam Kennedy  2B
  7.  Yadier Molina  C
  8.  Kyle Lohse  P
  9.  Cesar Izuris  SS

It’s nice to see the regulars in there while the Cards go for the sweep.  With only 36 games left in the season and so many off days coming up, I think it’s time to play the best nine every day.