The Twilight Zone


I wasn’t sure what to think after Kansas City Royally kicked our ass in the last series. I’m a bigger fan than most, but can honestly say that I didn’t expect much from the series opener tonight at Fenway.  Earlier today, when I scanned over the lineups for tonight’s matchup against the Sox, I thought the Cardinals didn’t stand a chance. But, I guess that’s why the games aren’t played on paper.  Cue the music!

The Cardinals won 5-4.

How is it even possible that the Cards can score more runs in one game against the World Champion Red Sox, in Boston, than they can in an entire series against the bottom feeding Royals, at Busch?

Well, start with a little Kyle Lohse, who pitched brilliantly around a couple of defensive miscues, mix in a few home runs, add a little Russ Springer and Ryan Franklin, and voila!  A win!

Personally, I thought tonight’s game was far more entertaining than any of the ’04 World Series games.  I’m glad the Cards picked up the win, and momentum, avoiding the prolonged losing streak to teams from the lame league.

If you missed it, here’s the full recap and box score.

Tomorrow is an afternoon start, with Mitchell Boggs slated to pitch against Dice K. Don’t worry.  Remember, the games aren’t played on paper!