I was off work today.  I had a ton of crap to do.  I figured if I could get everything done during the day, I’d have the entire evening to watch the Cardinals whip up on the Nationals.  On my way home from my last errand I stopped in to buy a cold, frosty twelve-pack for the game (an AB product of course).  Life was good.  I got home with enough time to get in another shower before I twisted my first top.  I fired up the free cable just seconds before the scheduled first pitch.  Fuck!  More rain!

Game two of the series was postponed, and will be made up in a rare doubleheader tomorrow.  Game one is scheduled for 1:10, and the second for 7:10 (that’s 12:10 and 6:10 for all you folks back in the heart of Cardinal Nation).

On one hand, the delay could be a good thing.  Both Albert Pujols and Rick Ankiel are nursing some injuries, and could use the day off.  On the other hand, it’s never an easy task to have to play two in one day, not to mention, now that I’ve drank nearly all of my ball game beer, I’ll have to stop again tomorrow.

So, until tomorrow, cheers, Cards fans!