Sunday Tidbits


The Cardinals have started the year off hot, going 9-3 in the first 12 games, and winning each of their first three series, with a chance to win a fourth later today.  I think we’ll have a better idea of what’s to come from this season after they play some more formidable opponents.  That starts after the off-day tomorrow, with a three game series at home against Milwaukee.  So far, the Cards have taken advantage of what seems to be an easier April schedule than most.  But, a win in April is every bit as good as a win in September, and by the end of the month, the Redbirds may have cushioned their record enough to overcome some summer shortcomings against top flight teams.  As early as it is in the season, there has still been plenty of talk about adding an impact bat to the lineup. If all the Cards fall into place, the team will have a surplus of pitching to deal from.  Jeff Gordon of the St. Louis Post Dispatch speculates on where the possible addition would come from.  Find that story here.

Also from the Post, there’s a great article about the uniqueness of Cardinal outfielder Rick Ankiel, written by Rick Hummel.  As is nearly all of his stuff, this one’s definitely worth the read.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the folks at Hasbro, and asked to check out a new baseball themed game designed for kids.  It’s called Bulls-eye Baseball, and it’s a mini skeet-ball type game, made for kids seven and up.  Sure.  Well, the game arrived last week, and I finally had a chance to open it up this morning.  This game rocks!  I’m a little older than seven, but am still very entertained with this thing. It’s addicting.  It has an announcer that keeps track of the action, along with other baseball sounds, and lights up the base paths after hits.  Rather than try to explain the game, I’ll send you here.  Where was this when I was a kid?  Anyway, I can’t wait to try “drinking Bulls-eye Baseball”!  Just don’t try it with your seven year old!