Dramatic Win for the Cardinals


The score was a lot closer than it should have been, but the Cardinals held on, beating the Nationals 5-4 for their third straight victory.  Braden Looper pitched a good game for the Cards, leaving after six, with a 5-1 lead.  The bullpen nearly surrendered that lead in the seventh.  Here’s the full recap and box score.

Offensively, it was nice to see rookie outfielder Brian Barton lead things off with a double, and it’s always great to see Rick Ankiel go deep.  I think my favorite part of his home run, however, was the call by Dan McLaughlin. Home team broadcasters have every right to be biased with their commentary, and Dan and Al Hrabosky are no exception.  They’re great.  On the disappointing side, Troy Glaus went 0 for 3, with two strikeouts and 4 LOB.  His defense wasn’t any better tonight either.  I guess it’s normal for a guy to be pressing as much as Glaus is right now.  He’s with a new team, with some big shoes to fill in front of the best fans in baseball.  I know he wants to impress, and I’m sure he will eventually.

It wouldn’t be fair to not mention Kyle McClellan.  If it weren’t for his performance, I’m not sure the Cardinals win this one.  Tony La Russa hasn’t wasted any time putting the kid in the toughest situations.  I’m glad to see they have so much confidence in him.

Adam Wainwright takes the ball tomorrow, hoping to continue to build on the success of the starting rotation.  Thus far, Cardinal starters have allowed only 2 runs in 22 2/3 innings.  A win tomorrow would cement the second straight series win.