Wainwright Continues to Baffle Mets


Flashback:  It’s 2006, and the Cardinals and Mets are tight in an NLCS game 7.  Winner goes to the World Series.  Cards’ rookie pitcher Adam Wainwright is in a jam, with the bases loaded and two out with the dangerous Carlos Beltran at the plate.  Beltran is known to be a Cardinal killer from his days with Houston.  I’m at the edge of my seat, my heart is racing, and I’m too nervous to even lift my beer to my face.  Even with Beltran down 0-2, I’m fearful of what might happen on the next pitch.  It’s a knee-buckling curve ball, called strike three!  Cards win!

Okay.  So today’s game wasn’t quite as dramatic, but when Wainwright is on the mound against the Mets, you just can’t help but think of that moment. Adam was just as impressive, however, pitching five innings of two hit baseball.  He struck out three and allowed one earned run on a homer to Raul Casanova.  He also singled off of arguably the best pitcher in the league, Johan Santana.  Wainwright relishes the challenge of pitching against tough competition.

“I love that,” Wainwright said.  “I wish I could pitch against No. 1s every day.  I feel like I’m going to beat ’em sometimes, and they’re going to pitch great games sometimes.  But I thrive on it.  I love it.”

Matthew Leach has more on Wainwright, here.

The Cardinal’s bats were live today too.  The Birds pushed across 10 runs on 13 hits, including a triple by outfielder Brian Barton.  10-3 was the final.  Here’s the full recap.

The Juan Gonzalez experiment is just about Gone.  He’s been sidelined with an abdominal injury, and underwent an MRI yesterday.  He hasn’t appeared in a game since Monday.  Read the full story here. Meanwhile, his competition continues to impress.  Barton is now batting .350 with 3 triples and 2 home runs.  His 8 RBIs ties Albert Pujols for the team lead.  If he keeps this up there’s no way he doesn’t head north with the club.