The 15


I’ve got a bit more to say about jersey numbers today.  Bear with me.  Last week, Troy Glaus chose to wear 8, rather than Mark McGwire’s 25.

“I’ve been 25 a long time.  I’ve known Mark for a long time,” Glaus said.  “He’s an icon in this city and I’m not going to do that.”

Last season, 8 belonged to Cardinals hitting coach, Hal McRae.  I just found out that this season, McRae will wear 15, the number worn by departed fan favorite, Jim Edmonds, since 2000.  The news didn’t sit well with me.  I don’t expect 15 to be retired by the Cardinals, but I’d at least like to see it put away for a while.  Why can’t McRae say something like Glaus did?  Jim is an icon in St. Louis.  I know what some of you are thinking, so to better explain my thoughts on this, we’re going to do a little role playing (you play the part of You, and I’ll be Me).  Ready?

YOU:  Mike, it’s just a number.  What’s the big deal?

ME:  Just a number?  It’s not just a number.  It’s the number I’ve been staring at from the bleachers for the past eight years.  It’s Jimmy’s number.

YOU:  Yeah, okay, but it’s not like it’s retired or something.

ME:  Who cares if it’s retired.  McGwire’s number isn’t retired and it hasn’t been re-issued.  Jimmy’s done a lot more for the Cardinals than Big Mac ever did.

YOU:  You’re taking this too seriously man.  I’m sure Edmonds doesn’t care if someone in St. Louis wears the number fifteen.

ME:  What?  Pull your head out of your ass!  He named his St. Louis restaurant F15teen.

YOU:  That’s probably just a clever marketing gimmick.  He’s rich.  Do you really think he cares?

ME:  Yeah.  Check out this page from a magazine my mom sent me.

YOU:  (After checking out the page here)  Wow.  That’s pretty heartfelt.  He even signed it #15.  I guess he does care.  So now what are you going to do?

ME:  I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.  I’m going to tell my friends, my family, and everyone I know to petition against this move.

YOU:  I’m sure you and a few handfuls of people aren’t going to make Hal McRae change his number.

ME:  You’re missing the point here.  If everyone I know tells everyone they know, soon we’ll have a hell of a lot of pissed off people and then Hal McIdiot can find himself a new damn number!

Thanks for playing.  Check back for a second post later today.