May 29, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Cardinals right fielder Jon Jay (19) reacts after getting tagged out at second base by San Francisco Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford (35) during the fourth inning at Busch Stadium. Image Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Twins have interest in St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Jon Jay?

The Minnesota Twins may have an interest in St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Jon Jay, according to KTSP sports reporter Darren Wolfson.

Wolfson reported the Twins interest in the Cardinals outfielder early yesterday morning on Twitter.

With Oscar Taveras now making his home in the Cardinals outfield, it’s no surprise that teams have an interest in Jay. It makes sense to move Jay, too. One, this frees up more playing time not only for Peter Bourjos but also Randal Grichuk in the outfield and off the bench. It limits the number of outfielders on the bench as well.

Outside of backup catcher Tony Cruz, the Cardinals have infielders Mark Ellis and Daniel Descalso available off the bench. In the outfield, assuming Bourjos starts, it’s Jay and Grichuk off the bench. The difference between Jay and Grichuk is that Grichuk is a power threat at the plate.

This season, Jay is hitting .288/.346/.390 in 48 games this season. Jay has appeared at all three outfield positions this season–the bulk of appearances having come at center field.

Wolfson later tweeted that the Twins would move relief pitcher Casey Fien and a decent prospect. I would think that both Alex Meyer and Kohl Stewart would be off limits.

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  • Greg Spaulding

    We should move Bourjos before Jay. Jay is a solid enough backup. His numbers have been good ever since he got to the big leagues. Bourjos I thought would be better than he has shown. He can hit a fastball but has a lot of work do to do on off speed pitches specifically the breaking ball. One or the other will get moved hopefully soon to get some bullpen help. Than we need to move Miller or Lynn preferably Miller. I’m tired of both of these guys. Way too inconsistent with the stuff they have. How can pitchers at this level who have thrown a baseball since they were ten years old still not be able to command their fastball. Especially when both Lynn and Miller throw it 70 percent of the time. I feel like with both of them this is who they are. Neither of them seems to have it where it matters most between the ears.

    • roger paul

      Miller is in his 2nd season and Lynn in his 3rd….a little early to say “this is who they are” don’t you think?….PLUS the fact that in his 3 years Lynn has won , what ? 40 games (2 1/2 years really) and now in the beginning of his 2nd Miller has won “only” 20 games in his young career , so try to be a little patient , because i do believe they’re both going to be Cardinals for a while to come….

      • Greg Spaulding

        Yeah Roger you may be right. I’m just frustrated with both of them. They have such good stuff that its hard to watch how inconsistent they both are. Lynn I really don’t see them moving because he’s an innings eater and can go deep into games. Miller I was only suggesting moving to help out other areas on our team like the bullpen. And then sliding Martinez into the rotation where I think he’s more comfortable and thereby more effective. I think it would strengthen our rotation and our team. Miller would draw a lot of interest. Something does seem to be missing from this team. But it’s still early and as we’ve seen in past years things can change rather quickly.

    • Andi

      I agree about keeping Jon Jay and moving Bourjos. Jay can play all 3 outfield positions and he’s been a consistently good hitter. What has Mabry done as batting coach? Not much!

  • Alex

    Please trade Jay so MM will stop playing Jay over Grichuk. Jay is not that impressive of a fielder, horrible arm, average speed, and an okay hitter. Please trade Jay. Please.

    • roger paul

      I don’t know why everybody is always so down on John Jay….all he has EVER done is PRODUCE….maybe he AIN’T pretty….but he gets the job done….

      • Alex

        Hes a fine player but Grichuk is way better.

        • roger paul

          Granted , Grichuk has the POTENTIAL to be way better….but up to this point (and i realize its in limited playing time) what has he done at the MAJOR LEAGUE level? Hit .215? As i said it IS in limited playing time , and yes we”l never know if Grichuk (AND Tavares) can be major leaguers if they don’t PLAY… only actual point is John Jay does not deserve the disrespect he’s been getting for the last 2 years….i mean , last year was the first year he didn’t hit .300 but he was hitting mostly from the 7-8 slots and drove in 71 runs FROM THERE….yeah his days as a Cardinal are probably numbered because of the glut of excellent outfielders the Cards possess…but for heaven’s sake , give Jay his due , he’s earned it….

          • roger paul

            And nobody jump on me , but if we’re going to open an outfield spot , i say trade Matt Adams and move Allen Craig back to first , then you still have Jay, Bourjos and Grichuk to choose from in center and we can slide Oscar Tavares into his NATURAL position of RF instead of trying to make HIM a CF…

          • roger paul

            Hahahahaha….send Matt Adams and Jhonny Peralta to Colorado for Troy Tulowitski….how does that sound?

          • Bob Franke

            I don’t think any of these guys are solid major leagers so if u can trade and poor product for a much better product go ahead, but I don’t see it

          • Greg Spaulding

            I disagree with that. Adams has way more upside. Does he strike out a lot? Yes but he’s shown what kind of hitter he is this season without the power. And the power will come and can carry the offense for stretches. Plus he’s four years younger than Craig and better defensively. Adams doesn’t get enough credit for his defense. Its really good. Craig has said in the past that he’s more comfortable in the outfield. Not sure which player would garner more interest out on the market but that may depend on the team.

          • roger paul

            Greg…i certainly do understand your point about inconsistency…..that IS the Cards so far this year….all around…

        • Greg Spaulding

          Way better, Grichuk has what 20 at bats in the majors? Yes his numbers in triple a are impressive,but from what Iv’e seen he really struggles with off speed stuff. Him and Bourjos are done when they get behind in the count. They both need to go after the first fastball they see.

          I agree with Roger. Why is everyone so down on Jay. Did he look lost at times last season in center? Yes but this season he’s looked much better and offensively he’s hit since he got to the majors.

  • Jason Kluk

    Anyway to trade Matheny too I think that’s when a lot of problems will get solved.

    • Jesse

      Trade Jay for Kohl Stewart and Matheny for Gardenhire

  • JED

    not gonna get much anyway