Official: Tim McCarver joining Fox Sports Midwest Cardinals broadcast team

It’s official! Former St. Louis Cardinals catcher Tim McCarver is set to join the Fox Sports Midwest broadcast team.
It has been known for some time that McCarver was stepping down from his role as the lead analyst of MLB Game of the Week on Fox. However, he was’t quite ready to say goodbye as word leaked out in December that the veteran broadcaster was considering joining the Cardinals broadcast team on FSN Midwest.

Dan Caesar reported yesterday in the St Louis Post-Dispatch:

“The deal has not been completed — but it will,” he said, adding that the dates he’ll be working still are to be finalized. “We’ll get it straightened out. I know I’ll be doing Cardinal games, I just don’t know the exact situation.”

It’s been estimated that McCarver will call about 30 games for the Cardinals. Keep in mind that radio broadcaster Mike Shannon just signed a multi-year contract extension but is expected to have a similar schedule as last season, where he would not be joining the team on road trips of three cities or more. Ricky Horton and Al Hrabosky will fill in on the radio as needed. One would assume that McCarver will have a TV role during these road trips more so than home games.

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  • Smerb

    Such a lousy choice – didn’t FSM hear his coverage of the post season? The STL Cards fans sure did! He was the most hated broadcaster by most…

    • Riley

      Totally agree!

  • Dale Skyles

    GREAT!! I thank the Cardinal organization for adding McCarver to the list of former Cardinal players turned broadcasters.

  • Biggs6816

    Have they listed the 30 games he will be doing, so I know which games not to watch

  • DanMR

    I love how this New York Mets loving, Cardinal basher now is going to be calling Cardinal games. Not. Has anybody out there observed his contribution to any of the past Cards games when he has been a part of the announcing team? He rarely ever has anything good to say about them. He is usually too busy promoting himself or something the Mets have done, while ignoring or belittling any Cardinal accomplishment.
    With McCarver joining the broadcasting team, you can bet there will be an increase in the number of Cardinal fans who turn down the sound before, during and after the games.

    • LPfanatic

      You know he was a Cardinal, right? For several productive years, he hardly hates them. It’s very possible that he was overcompensating for his love of the organization, so people wouldn’t think him biased. It’s more likely you’re just a idiot, though. Every fan thinks the announcers hate their team. It’s hilarious and stupid.