Apr 18, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA;It is a bit early for celebrations, but a W is a W. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie "Money" Mujica saves the night!

It was not simple, and it was far too interesting in the ninth, but Edward Mujica got the save tonight. This was the first save for the Cardinals since last Friday, and more urgently, it was the first save completed by a pitcher other than Mitchell Boggs.

Boggs proved to lack the killer instinct that closers need to slam doors, and this evening Mujica proved he was a shark.

In past week when Mitchell Boggs proved to be less than we hoped he was.  It has been a rocky road from Milwaukee and through Pennsylvania.  Boggs saved a couple of games and blew a couple this season. Mike Matheny showed patience and gave the former set-up man chances to redeem himself, but no amount encouragement could mend what wasn’t destin to be.

While it is a long season, there is no time for jerking around.

Maybe “Eddie” Money Mujica isn’t the most beloved Cardinal in the clubhouse, but he may be the only one cold enough to ice a due Philly lineup when it mattered. This could have been the only save that Mujica records, and tonight could have been a fluke, but St. Louis needed it, whatever it was. A shot of assurance after a couple of weeks of offensive and starting pitching victories. Al Hrabosky sounded just as excited as Molina and Mujica looked after the 4-3 victory in South Philidelphia earlier.

Redbirds fans can exhale, for now.  Tomorrow will come, and it may be just as exciting as today.

What is possible, is that Edward Mujica could develop into a potent closer. Everyone is eager to push him to be the best he can be and to provde stability to a turbulent bullpen. Randy Choate and Fernando Salas look like overrated rookies that have no command at all, plus Boggs is still reeling from his demotion.

With the chance that Jason Motte really does need surgery on the horizon (May 1st), Cardinals Nation can cross their fingers and skip over baselines with the hope that Eddie Money is more than a solid nickname.

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