Musings from an Optimistic Redbird Fan – 2013

Cardinal GM and Manager extended – The St. Louis Cardinals made a great move by extending the contracts of Joe Mozeliak and Mike Matheny. Mozeliak was extended for three years while Matheny’s 2014 option was picked up. Both have been instrumental in the recent success of the Cards and by all appearances, the success will continue for many years to come.

Carp’s futureChris Carpenter held a press conference recently regarding his recent arm injury. The injury will most likely end his career; at least that’s what many people thought. Carp is not quite ready to call it quits and plans to get a second opinion as to whether or not his career is really over. I hope Carp has a few more years left but, I think if he gets an opinion from the second doctor consistent with the first opinion, he’ll retire.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen but, I’m not optimistic. Only time will tell if we’ve seen the last of Carp or not.

Spring Training – I’m really excited and anxious to see how spring training goes for the Redbirds. Will Oscar Taveras make the team? Has Matt Carpenter mastered second base well enough to be the everyday starter at that position? Which of the Card’s stable of young pitchers will grab the 5th spot in the rotation? Is Raphael Furcal really healthy? How will the pitching staff handle the absence of Chris Carpenter? Wow…you could do a reality show on this stuff.

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