Oct 22, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Trevor Rosenthal (64) delivers a pitch during the sixth inning of game seven of the 2012 NLCS against the San Francisco Giants at AT

Issues to Address in 2013

As we approach the New Year, in my opinion, there are many issues that should be looked at and “fixed” with Major League Baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals. Some may be considered major issues by some or non- issues to others. I can promise you that as these items remain issues, they will continue to be talked about by the media; in some cases treated as headlines depending on the sports news items on a given day.

Oct 22, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Trevor Rosenthal (64) delivers a pitch during the sixth inning of game seven of the 2012 NLCS against the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park. Image Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Let me start with MLB and some of the issues they should seriously address:

  • The “flaky” drug testing policy currently in place. MLB would do well start implementing drug testing more often and more importantly, during offseason. The suspensions should be longer and the fines steeper.
  • Resolve the “Steroid Era” / Hall of Fame controversy once and for all. Either allow them in the HOF, make a special notation or set aside an area in the HOF for those in the Steroid Era. You can call them cheaters or whatever but, using steroids or other PEDs are not the only instances that constitute cheating. If baseball and some fans are going to indict these so called “cheaters”, they should do the same for spitballers and corked bat users. And for those who like to use the morality card for the steroid and PED users, there are countless adulterers, racists, domestic abusers and alcoholics already in the HOF. The HOF should be for players who have performed at a level that is out of the ordinary for professional ball players. If other things are to be counted that are not baseball related or there was no rule in place prohibiting a particular practice, it should be a non-factor.
  • It’s time that owners, players and MLB start doing something to stop the revolving door for players going from team to team; usually for more money. It’s getting to be a bit ridiculous. I’m not sure what the answer is but, I’m sure if I thought about it hard and long enough, I could come up with something.  But the seemingly limitless amount of money a player can be paid is getting ridiculous; and as long as that is the case, you will be seeing the trend continue. As a fan, I’m getting a bit tired and annoyed of my favorite player being traded to another team or the player signing with another team; usually because of more money.

Now, there are a few issues the Redbirds should address sooner than later:

  • Keep using the youngsters! Just like the Cardinals let Matt Carpenter, Pete Kozma, Trevor Rosenthal and Shelby Miller get considerable playing time, continue that trend. Let’s see Oscar Taveras, Kolten Wong, Adron Chambers and Ryan Jackson get enough playing time in the spring to really gauge their readiness for the majors.
  • Mike Matheny did a fantastic job in his first season as the Cardinal Manager. But, I really wish he lets his starters go deeper into games this year. There were many times last season that he would pull a starter who was in a bit of trouble too soon. As a former catcher, he should realize the need for a pitcher to sometimes pitch out of trouble and save the wear and tear on your bullpen. It would be nice to see the Cardinals pitching staff have a few more complete games this coming season.

At any rate, I truly believe the Cardinals will have a much better season and post season in 2013. And, as a result, you’ll see the other teams in the NL Central continue to play catch up.

Thanks for reading and have a safe and Happy New Year.


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