Late yesterday came word that Albert Pujols had rejected the first offer the Cardinals had made to him, which, of course, set off the fans into a tailspin of panic.

Nobody seems to know the content of the offer, except that the team did not want to go beyond six or seven years. Pujols is believed to want a ten year deal.

Apparently the media found out about Pujols’ rejection of the offer because his agent, Dan Lozano, told several major league owners that the Cardinals had “no chance” to sign the first baseman to a contract before free agency. If this story is true, then the following things are true:

1. Pujols will hit free agency and probably not sign with the Cardinals, unless the team does something really dumb financially. Cards fans had better brace themselves for this eventuality.

2. Lozano is a money-grubbing cheat who has disrespected this franchise and the process of good-faith negotiations. While the team has done what it could to comply with Pujols’ media blackout, Lozano’s strutting around MLB and crowing about the availability of his expensive client. It’s revolting.

3. Pujols is a liar and a religious phony. It’s “not about the money,” right Albert? It’s “about the team” I think he said at one time. But, in reality, it’s about Albert and his titanic ego. I don’t have a problem with Pujols becoming the highest-paid player in the game. I’m sure the team made an offer that essentially did that – for a time. But Pujols wants all of that money every year for ten years, a ridiculous contract that almost no team in baseball can accomodate.  He wants to have a contract that puts all other contracts to shame in order to satisfy his own self-interests and value in comparison to other ballplayers. Sounds just like Jesus, doesn’t he?

At this point, Bill DeWitt and the organization need to walk away from Pujols and let them try their hand at the free agent market. Pujols’ ego and the scummy tactics of his agent are too much of a distraction for any ballclub.

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  • Alex

    Someone should remind Albert that Jesus said if we want to be the greatest, we must become the least, the servant of all.
    Also, I think he said something about where your treasure lies, your heart will be also.

  • Nick

    You guys are being ridiculous. Since he’s a follow of Christ, he should play for nothing for St. Louis and not worry about the money at all? If you all had job offers to go elsewhere and work, and make more money, what would you do? Criticizing the mans spirituality over this contract situation is absolutely preposterous. Everyone wants to be paid what he’s worth, maybe wants/needs more money for missions he wants to do when his career in baseball is over, or helping kids in need in third world countries.

  • Robert Shiflett

    Look… I am a pastor’s son, and a huge Cardinals(Pujols) fan. For someone to use the term “religious phony” in a rant about Pujols, is hypocritical in itself. It is no one on Earths place to judge the type of relationship Pujols has with God. Matt 7:1 “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Also, I know that Pujols deserves to be the highest paid player in baseball. He has the best start to a career of anyone ever in the history of baseball, and he plays gold glove defense. And about it being about the money… The Bible doesn’t say money is the root of all evil. It says the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. 1 Tim 6:10. Like Nick said he could be trying to get the most money possible to be able to effect other peoples lives for a very long time. So please if there is any person out there trying to use religion in the area of contract negotions… Well please dont. I am just glad there is a superstar out there people can feel good about letting there kids admire. That is rare.

  • Don

    Pujols sounds like a Republican.

  • Alex

    I just think it’s crazy that Pujols wanted the Cardinals to spend money to put a good team around him. They did that. Now he wants them to spend way more money on him, money they probably don’t have.

    Also, it should be noted that Pujols might have a hard time finding someone who will pay him beyond A-Rod’s contract. Most people realize that was a mistake. Most GM’s are giving out those type of contracts anymore. So while no one doubts he’s worth being the highest payed player in MLB, he might not actually become the highest payed player in MLB.

    Also, considering the Cards did what he asked of them(by putting quality players around him), is it so much to ask for him to sign a long term, $20M/yr avg contract? I mean, he’s already made over $100M just playing baseball(plus any other money he brings in for endorsements). Add in $160-200M for an 8-10 year deal, and he’s made over a quarter of a billion dollars. Pretty good. I really don’t think it’s asking much of him to consider $20M/yr on top of the money they’ve spent getting players he wanted.

  • Tribe Fan

    Something we have come to learn here in Cleveland. IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY. As soon as one of these ballplayers state its not about the money, well consider them gone. Secondly there is always some greedy owner or ignorant GM who will sign a player no matter what the price. You can count on that.
    But in this case it is different. Albert’s agent has to be worried about is the fact that the Yankees have a first baseman in Teixera and now the Red Sox have Gonzales. Those two teams as well as the Phillies having Howard make finding a spot for Albert difficult and when you factor in the fact that a younger Prince Fielder will be hitting the market soon the interest may not be there as some may think.
    Unless Alberts agent is a complete idiot he must realize that the market is not favorable for a 31 year old first baseman seeking 10 years no matter if he is the best player in the game or not and I have to believe that you will keep Albert in St Louis.

    But I also thought that the Tribe were going to re-sign Manny, Thome and Sabathia

  • Vince

    Seriously? That has zero bearing on this at all. You sir, are an ass

  • Vince

    This is ridiculous. He has put in the work to demand this amount of money, even if it is ridiculous. He is not a phony. You are just a bitter fool who envies his position and substitute your inadequacy with asinine defamatory remarks. It will be a challenge to find someone who appreciates the elements of not only baseball but civility back to the St. Louis area that Albert brings. How in the world do you conclude that he has a titanic ego? He is arguably the greatest player of an era and puts forth the effort you see in a guy just trying to keep a roster spot. You are a bitter fool.

  • Ray DeRousse

    @ Vince – I think it’s his ego because he’s demanding $30 million a year for TEN years. That is an outrageous amount of money for an outrageous amount of time.

    I said in the article that I think Pujols deserves a big payday. But TEN YEARS? No way.

  • Chip Davis

    Talk about a rant. Every piece of info here is based on speculation. This in no way represents journalism of any kind.Just tabloid trash. Where the writer belongs.

  • Sid

    Yeesh…it’s not like he played the previous decade severely under market value. Cardinals owe him over 150 million for the previous decade of work.

  • Brandon Phillips

    As a Reds fan, I am intrigued by this situation with Pujols. Cards fans don’t want to see him in another uniform. Especially a Cubs uniform. He is a huge draw for the ballpark, and the organization obviously doesn’t want to lose that.

    But I don’t know how the Cards can pay him what he is asking and not end up financially crippling the team for years. Welcome or not, here’s my two cents: If he insists on getting paid, better to lose him now than to wreck the team and then have to trade him anyway because his contract has made it impossible to maneuver.

    Whatever happens, the Reds will be watching as they decide how to handle Votto in the coming years.

  • Alex

    If he wanted to be paid market value for his last contract, he shouldn’t have made the personal decision to give the team a “Hometown Discount”. If he’s holding that against them now, he should have told them, “I’ll give you guys a break now, but 7 years from now, I’m gonna screw you over for it”. Gee, thanks.

    Bottom line is, both parties screwed up here. If Albert wanted all that money(and I don’t think it’s about the years, who thinks the Cards wouldn’t resign him after 8 years? No one) he shouldn’t have demanded they put a good team around him. He told them to strap themselves financially for the betterment of the team, and then wonders why they can’t afford him.
    But, from the reports, the Cardinals have not been overly active trying to negotiate this deal. They could get creative and make this happen. But beyond all that, they absolutely HAVE to sign him. No excuse, have to do it. They stand to make a good portion of money in merch sales as Albert marches towards 500/600 home runs, possibly beyond, as well as his bid for 3000 hits. And he’s in the running for a triple crown every year. That’s gonna be some revenue back to the organization.