The Cardinals Play Red


Mattie Baseball yucks is up during the rout. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing is better for the St. Louis Cardinals’ spirit than 13 runs coming from 8 different players, and a shutout by the fifth starter.

Tonight provided revenge for the once reeling St. Louis Cardinals as they stomped the Pirates during the fifth game in Pittsburgh. As the Bucs were stopped, the Cards may have started back on the road towards success.

After losing some close games at PNC Park, the Birdinals beat the Pirates like they stole something, because they did.  Pittsburgh took the superlatives that St. Louis possessed for most of the season, but they did it in a cocky way. Not to say that the Bucs don’t deserve to be in first place, however they looked too similar to the Brewers in 2010. Hot Dogs are to be enjoyed off the field, not to be on display as if anything has been decided in late July. Especially when the Pirates have such a stout recent history of losing and collapsing.

13-0 is what happens when STL comes back for blood to teach the team that has not been there, how to act when there.  The napping offense was awoken out of its slumber at the right time.  Still no home runs (almost Allen Craig), but that will come soon enough.

Now that the bleeding has stopped it is fair to asses the damage.  St. Louis’ reality is that the recent 7 game losing streak could have been much worse.  Yadier Molina will be back later this month and Joe Kelly is doing what no one thought he could, pitching like he belongs.

The reminder that the Pirates can more than compete is helpful for a team that has been somewhat content upon their perch atop the NL Central.

Next stop for the Birds in another classy baseball river city, Cincinnati.   The Reds have been slumping a bit as well after losing 6 of their last 10 games.  What is usually a decent rivalry is going to be maximized by the timing and positioning in the standings.  Games may get chippy at an above average American Ballpark located in southern Ohio.

The Cards are happy to be out of Pittsburgh and are now able to see the light at the end of their long tour east of the mighty Mississippi River.  Only one more series before returning home.  Leaving the losses in Pittsburgh should allow St. Louis to focus on the future, which will include many more difficult series coming up in August.

Almost a salami, like pepperoni. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports