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Mariners at Cardinals, Game 148 Thread

So . . . wow. Last night’s game, huh? Ugly. Let’s just hope that we never have to see those Cardinals (except Waino) again. At least it goes in the record books as a win.

Tonight, we get the joy of watching Micahel Wacha take on rookie counterpart James Paxton.

Paxton has pitched in one game. He went six innings and gave up only one run to Tampa Bay, giving him a 1.50 ERA. That said, at AAA this year, he posted a much worse 4.45 ERA. Hopefully, it’s the 4.45 ERA that actually means something to the Cardinals’ offense.

As for Wacha, we know that he can be exceptional, especially if he has his curve ball working. The last couple of times he’s taken the mound, he’s looked like he did in Spring Training: comfortable, cool, in control, and confident. We’ll call them The Four Cs. Five, if you include “curve ball.”

If St. Louis can come out swinging tonight and give Wacha a lead early, then he can spend the rest of the night shutting down the Mariners’ weak offense.

Tonight, Matt Adams gets a break as Brock Peterson fills in for him. Although I’m not crazy about Peterson’s bat, I do like the idea of having Adams off the bench if we happen to need him.

I hope we’re in for a better game than we saw last night, but the same result: another Cardinal victory.

Let’s go St. Louis! Leave your comments below.

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