Breaking News: McGwire Did Steroids

Mark McGwire has finally admitted to using steroids during his career. Specifically, he was using them during the record summer of 1998, in which he and Sammy Sosa broke the single season home run record. McGwire finished with 70 dingers that season and became an instant baseball god (even posing as one with Sosa for the Sportsmen of the Year SI). While it was long thought by many that McGwire had help, this is big news considering the past for McGwire. He used them off and on for about ten years, starting in 1989 and ending with his record year in ’98.

More on this later, but for now, tune in for the season’s first Baseball Tonight at 3:30 p.m. featuring Tony La Russa. And, what are your thoughts on McGwire’s decision to come clean and how will this affect his Hall of Fame chances?

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